What has taken over ALL of my free time recently

So, I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over fifteen years now, starting from my dad’s old 1st and 2nd edition books and working up to 3.0, 3.5 and now 4th edition, so I’ve got a bit of experience under my belt.  I usually play with my wife and some of our friends, but we haven’t gotten together to play in a few months, and while I’ve been teaching my son how to play, he’s been in serious trouble for some time now, so we haven’t played either.

You could say that I’ve been on D&D hiatus for some time now, until I stumbled across The DM’s Roundtable. Holy. Shit. I seriously can’t think of much else now. I spent the better part of an hour after listening to the first half of their most recent podcast downloading and copying all of their recorded shows onto my MP3 player.  Now you’ll hardly catch me without at least ONE of my ear buds in listening to some very fantastic dungeon masters grind out the hot topics in the D&D and gaming community of today.  This has inspired me so much recently and my mind is becoming a whirling maelstrom of new ideas, new spins on old strategies and heart wrenching nostalgia about my old games.

Thinking back about all my old adventures and what I can pick and grab and stitch into my new ones is absolutely invigorating, not to mention that this podcast alone has made mefinally decide to get a DDI subscription, if only to keep up with the new errata and updates.  I think for my first new session I’ll be bringing back some of my old characters and taking a Dresdin Files look at my world, and let my players help rebuild it from the bottom up.  This in particular I think my wife will enjoy, since she’s an awe-inspiring author and once you let her creativity and imagination out of the cage it is a fearsome beast to try to get back in.  I’m eager to see what we can come up with together and even more so to see what happens when our intrepid band of adventurers begin their quest in this world they helped to make!

Just so I maintain the full premise of this blog in all it’s aspects, to any smokers or scotch drinkers, today I recommend these products:

Compass Box Whisky Spice Tree: A full bodied, warm scotch with a very smooth, sweet aftertaste and a velvety mouthfeel.  I tried some while discussing straight razors with a friend of mine and that first sip was like a burst of sunlight in my mouth. Light, smooth, and very very warm, it was an altogether fantastic experience.  This is one of the best scotches I’ve had yet and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys scotch whiskeys.

Egars ‘Perfect Puff’ Spiced Rum: A very sweet and mild smoke, this blend has notes of maple and caramel mixed in with the very potent spices and fruity flavors from a heady Caribbean rum. Egars.com is also a great site not only for the pricing and selection, but shipping is wide(though sadly not to New York) for those of you not lucky enough to have a local tobacconist they can build a rapport with.  This tobacco also adds a fragrant and delicious quality to your favorite blends.

Ballew Family: This couple on Etsy.com have provided me with my first two pipes, and have gone above and beyond to make a dedicated customer of me, even taking the time to make a new, identical stem for my pipe when the original broke. Sean restores vintage and antique pipes, making his selection both beautiful and classically functional.  If you want a good, high quality pipe, talk to them.

~ by darkpatu on April 8, 2011.

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